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As a mining engineering student, I had the great opportunity to take on my first internship with BMC and work on the company’s manganese project in the town of Espigão do Oeste in Rondônia. Upon arriving, I received a warm welcome from the whole team, who helped me learn and adapt throughout my time there.

During the month of July, the BMC team taught me about how the manganese processing plants work. This was the part that charmed me most, because I was able to apply the knowledge I had acquired in the classroom. I was also able to follow the team’s routine, not only in the plant, but through the extraction process and environmental recovery work. This experience helped me understand, in a practical way, the team’s daily activities, the challenges they face and how a mining engineer should conduct the operation.

During the internship, I learned about the competencies required in different sectors like environment, geology and prospecting, and in the administrative and technological aspects of mining. This experience was very valuable to me because it helped me decide to pursue a career in mining engineering.