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To increase the safety of Meridian employees, the first training session for the implementation of the Integrated Safety, Health and Environment Management system was held recently. The system helps Meridian manage employee safety on-site, reducing potential risks associated with everyday activities.

“The system will minimize the risk of accidents, from a twisted ankle to more serious situations that may involve an employee’s life,” said Valfrido Araujo Feitosa, a Meridian safety supervisor. This system also includes actions to prevent and minimize potential environmental impacts on Meridian operations.

The system is based on “security interactions,” where employees observe and interact with each other, assessing potential risk behaviors and understanding their causes in order to correct them.

“For us, this security plan fits like a glove. In addition to focusing on reducing accidents, it encourages respectful relationships between everyone in the company, which reinforces our core values of ‘respect, connect and prosper’. Avoiding accidents makes the company and its employees more successful,” said CSR team member Gloria Stange, who was also involved in the planning and training process.



Meridian begins implementation of its safety management system.