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To build strong relationships and inform the local community about BMC’s work in Espigão do Oeste, the CSR team received two groups of local visitors at one of BMC’s plants. The first group to visit was the “Women of Seringal”, a group of artisans from the rural area close to the plant. The second group was made up of students and teachers from the local school of Jean Piaget.

One of the students, Daysy Kelly Santana de Jesus, stressed that the company’s work is different from what she has seen before. She was surprised to see water reused during processing and commented on the plant’s safety and cleanliness. Another student, Wender Rodrigo Martinho da Cunha, said he was curious about the mining sector and that the visit was a good way to open students’ eyes to the possibility of a career in mining.

Professor João Nereu reported noticing a big difference in the company’s performance related to site recovery and sustainable development compared to artisanal prospecting and mining previously done in the region. “BMC makes an effort to follow environmental laws within the high standards set for manganese extraction. This is a great advantage for the town,” João said.