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Meridian controls 61,552 Ha exploration licenses composed of:

2 Exploration Licenses   |   4 Exploration Applications   |   1 Option Agreement

The manganese oxide mineralization is hosted within a sedimentary basin, an attractive geological target style for higher tonnage mineral accumulations.

The manganese mineralization is mapped over a 4 km corridor and is open Depending on future beneficiation studies there is a possibility of a direct shipping ore product.

Other positive attributes:

  • Distance to sealed road 11 km
  • Distance to fluvial port 390 km
  • Distance to regional airport 115 km
  • Distance to regional town 75 km
  • Distance to local town 10 km
  • Land use Pastoral or low quality regrowth areas

Mirante Da Serra is located in state of Rondônia in northwestern Brazil.

Located in a pro mining jurisdiction and being evaluated for development by an existing manganese producer The project is close to sealed roads, and is only 390 km from the fluvial port of Porto Velho The terrain of the project is a mixture of flat plains and undulating hills with areas of forested woodland but with no conservation status