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23 Dec 2020

Meridian Provides Update on Espigão Copper-Gold Exploration Program

21 Dec 2020

Meridian Raises $4.3M – oversubscribed private placement completed

27 Nov 2020

Meridian Announces Private Placement

24 Nov 2020

Meridian Receives TSX Venture Exchange Approval For The Cabaçal Transaction

11 Nov 2020

Mineralised extensions to Cabaçal high grade zones: DDH CAIK-211 of 29.3m @ 6.04 % Cu, 3.10 g/t Au, 28.81 g/t Ag and 0.65% Zn to be first focus for Meridian

9 Nov 2020

Meridian Mining Signs Cabaçal Purchase Agreement

30 Sep 2020

Meridian Reports on First Results from Espigão Soil Survey Program

23 Sep 2020

Meridian Mining completes due diligence site visit to Cabaçal project

3 Sep 2020

Meridian Mining makes first option payment on Cabaçal project

26 Aug 2020

Meridian Mining signs option agreement on advanced Cabaçal Cu-Au Project

28 Jul 2020

Meridian scheduling August recommencement of exploration programs following successful financing

24 Jul 2020

Meridian reports on high-grade assay results from manganese oxides collected for market scoping at the Mirante da Serra Project

20 Jul 2020

Meridian Announces Corporate Changes

Meridian Completes Equity for Debt Transaction and Announces New Capital Structure

15 Jul 2020

Meridian Closes Capital Raise

18 Jun 2020

Meridian Provides Corporate and Financing Update

3 Jun 2020

Meridian Provides Corporate Update

25 May 2020

Meridian Reports Modelling on Airborne Geophysical Data

18 May 2020

Meridian Announces Technical Review of Stream Sediment Data

11 May 2020

Meridian Announces Private Placement and Corporate Update

28 Apr 2020

Meridian Completes Agreement with The Sentient Group

27 Apr 2020

Meridian Completes Agreements with Sentient Fund IV

20 Apr 2020

Meridian Mining Announces Corporate Update

31 Mar 2020

Meridian Mining announces standstill with lenders as part of agreement in principle on the total conversion of outstanding loans

22 Jan 2020

Meridian Mining Provides Update on Ariquemes Tin Exploration Portfolio

8 Jan 2020

Meridian reports on approval of trial mining licence for 30,000t manganese concentrate in the Jaburi area

10 Jan 2020

Meridian Announces International and Brazilian Internal Corporate Restructuring